Mentor Program

Women Communicators of Austin’s Mentor Program is a “win-win.”

We offer a valuable mentoring service for our members. Mentees benefit from personalized guidance, whether through answers to quick questions, specific career guidance or longer term mentoring. Identifying mentors who can guide you for a limited period of time or for the longer haul can be the smartest way to advance professionally throughout your career.

We also provide members the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise and act as a “sounding board” by serving as a mentor to help others members with professional development and career advancement. Mentors gain a chance to build their leadership skills, along with the personal reward of potentially shaping someone’s path to success.

Have career questions or need deeper insights? Click here to visit our Ask a Mentor blog.

What mentors can do:

  • Speed mentoring.
  • Short term mentoring: Guidance on a specific topic requiring limited involvement – for instance, what subjects should a student take for a career in communications; where to intern; or assistance through a job application and interview process.
  • Longer term mentoring: students looking for on-going career guidance; professionals looking to brainstorm and implement career moves, discuss challenges at work, or find a sounding board for creative development.
  • Help mentees answer a series of questions to gain clarity on their talents, strengths, and career interests. This can be part of a short or long term mentoring arrangement.
  • Provide honest feedback about cover letters, portfolios, and other professional materials. This can be part of a short or long term mentoring arrangement.

What mentors cannot do:

  • Provide professional-grade career coaching sessions. WCA has many members qualified who can provide that service.
  • Provide specific logistical assistance in starting or revamping a business venture.
  • Provide any kind of psychological input or feedback beyond a friendly ear and helpful suggestions based on their own professional experiences.

Everyone can be a mentee.

Whether you’re a student or already working, a stay-at-home mom choosing to go back to work in communications or wanting to change direction, students and professional members can be a mentee (i.e., request a mentor). Learn more with our Demystifying Mentorship for Mentees handout.

Ready for a mentor?

Question about mentoring?

If you have a question about mentoring, Ask a Mentor by sending an e-mail to

Everyone can mentor.

No matter your years of experience, your role in communications or your familiarity with other fields, you can be a mentor. Mentoring can take place anywhere – whether it’s face-to-face over coffee, lunch or happy hour; video chat; or via email or phone. Professional members can mentor students or other professional members. Learn more with our Demystifying Mentorship for Mentors handout.

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