Born a storyteller, Vivvi (pronounced Vee-Vee) is the Group Account Director at PRECISIONeffect, where she leads her team in building clients’ media portfolios.
Specializing in the medical device, pharma, and healthcare space, Vivvi thinks outside the box to keep the content engaging and relevant to an often niche healthcare professional (HCP) audience. She uses a modern, data-driven approach to generate unique ideas that drive measurable results for her clients. Whether uncovering new pitch angles, developing product launches or coordinating on-site media opportunities, she works closely with her team, clients, media and HCPs to make sure the best possible outcomes are achieved every time.
Vivvi spent the first part of her career teaching English abroad in Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Korea and Mexico. During this time, she received a MA in International Relations from Central European University and fine-tuned her ability to problem-solve and build relationships in any situation, across multiple languages and cultures. She loves connecting people and helping to turn big ideas into realities.
After teaching, she transitioned into sales. Then, from sales, she went to public relations. She has a lot of experience with career pivots and navigating the unknown.
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Vivvi is available to help professionals who are in a career transition, suffering from imposter syndrome, unsure of their next move, needing help advocating for themselves, and anything to do with public relations or agency life. She is open to short-term mentoring relationships.

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