Diane has decades of coaching experience, and certification by the International Coaching Federation, and is ready to discuss many topics and skills to help clients achieve success in their business or company. My focus is often communication, influence and connection in your organization. For over 10 years I was head of Learning & Development at an international tech company with sales and service arm here in Austin. With 87 % men and many engineers at the time, our main course was to help people understand each other and reach their goals together. We had waiting lists for over 6 years. I have much experience in and use an assessment to help people understand their innate abilities, determine a career move or define a future application (career) of your strongest ability patterns. (Highlands Ability Battery) Clients have been very excited to learn their “art”, for example, actually has an application in a career (beyond “doing art” per se.) She applied her “innate ability” strengths to staging homes for sale and is very satisfied.
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Best Mentee Fit:

“Best fit” is something the mentee and Diane determine in a first session. Is there a feeling of chemistry? After coaching for over 25 years, Diane hasn’t found a best fit or a person she couldn’t work with. That said, she prefers someone who is willing to explore themselves vs blame others or the situation for their “issue” on which they want to focus. “I look forward to working with you on your desired outcomes!”

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