Jane is an experienced strategic planner, facilitator and professional communicator.  She has spent three decades in global, national and regional communications, marketing and non-profit management, and has a wealth of contacts and resources worldwide. Her career has included working for Fortune 500 companies, industry and non-profits, quasi-government organizations, and as a strategic advisor.  Her passions are sustainability and mentoring organizations and individuals to achieve success. She believes in adapting to changing environments and addressing the needs and wants of the people one is serving.

Jane’s mentees, both professionals and students, say that she has an unwavering commitment towards them and genuinely wants to see them succeed. She has a solid understanding of the current job market and years of experience of giving career and life advice. She focuses on getting to know her mentees and pushes them to explore opportunities. Jane never hesitates to share her network. She expects her mentees to reflect her commitment to accountability, but this is the driving force that propels mentees to set realistic goals and implement strategies to accomplish them. One mentee had to define transferable skills for her career re-entry. She said Jane asked big questions and noted both positive and negative blind spots. “With her encouragement and frank evaluation I came away well prepared to share my value statement and professional resume with confidence.”
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Jane is available for short or longer term mentoring for students and professionals, particularly focused on career direction and life change.

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