Banner Awards

Every year since 1973, Women Communicators of Austin has awarded top communicators with Banner Awards at Banner Brunch, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Nominations come from WCA members and industry professionals across Central Texas. 

Take a look at past honorees to see the varied and distinguished group.

Submit your nomination by the March 15, 2019 deadline.

Banner Awards Overview:

Outstanding Austin Communicator Award

This award recognizes Austin-area communicators who have made an impact with their body of work. Emphasis is on professional achievement, promotion of the field of communications, and community service. 

Since 1973, recipients have included: Elizabeth Christian, Judy Maggio, “Cactus” Pryor, Ann Richards, Evan Smith, Heather Ladage, Kerry Tate, Quita Culpepper, and Sarah Weddington.

Liz Carpenter Lifetime Achievement Award

Created in 1993 and named for author and WCA member Liz Carpenter, this award recognizes communicators who have reached the highest levels of personal and professional achievement over a lifetime.

Past recipients include: Michael Barnes, Carol Thompson, Liz Carpenter, Dr. Inez Jeffery, and Mary Beth Rogers. Emphasis is placed on a lifetime of leadership, outstanding achievement, and promotion of the field of communications.

Gene Barnwell Waugh Mentor Award

This award recognizes those who have given selflessly to others, providing advice, support, and wisdom. The selection committee looks for a person who has served as a committed mentor over an extended period, particularly to other communications professionals.

Past winners of this award include: Lee Moczygemba, Jane Baxter Lynn, Jenny Magic, Cathy Bonner, Dara Quackenbush, Lynn Segall, Patti DeNucci, and Laura Tuma.

Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award

This award honors a professional communicator who has taken a project/idea to fruition in a new or successful way. Past winners created measurable impact and showed creative initiative in the development of ideas or programs that improve their business, an organization where they volunteer, the field of communications or women’s issues.

The award is named after WCA member Anne Durrum Robinson, a consultant who worked with companies to help them cultivate innovation at the executive level. Past winners included: Anne Lasseigne Tiedt, Andrea Schulle, Amy Hufford, Samantha Furry, Ilene Haddad and Rachel Clemens.

Gladys Whitley Hearst Outstanding Member

For members only.

Named for a founding member of the Women Communicators of Austin and former two-time Theta Sigma Phi National President, this award recognizes an individual who has advanced WCA through outstanding service and personal and professional achievement. Not only are the recipients of this award dedicated to the success of WCA, they are respected leaders in the field of communications and people who best represent the most desirable qualities of our membership.

Past winners of this award include Patti DeNucci, Pam Baggett (Johnson), and Christina Walsh.

Leadership Award

For members only.

The Leadership Award recognizes a WCA member who has gone above and beyond in leadership to the organization. This award is given for years of outstanding service and is intended to honor those who have made lasting and fundamental impact over time.

There have only been six winners of this award (Christina Walsh, Pam Baggett, Amy Hufford, Cory Leahy, Lisa Maxwell and Julie Tereshchuk). These winners in general have: spent five or more years on the board, chaired many committees, continued to work on projects even after spending time on the board and have innovated repeatedly over time.

Nomination Questions? 

Email WCA’s President-Elect, leader of the Awards Committee.

Banner Awards Nomination Helpful Tips

When writing your nomination, be as complete as possible and provide specific examples to demonstrate how the nominee fits the award criteria. You do NOT have to be a WCA member to submit a nomination.

To help complete the form, we also recommend these resources:

Contact the nominee for additional information

The nominee can be your best source for background information to provide the most complete application, and may be able to offer supporting materials that will add weight to their nomination.

Research the nominee online

An online search can provide you with media clips, biographical data, and other information relevant to the nominee’s achievements.

Talk with the nominee’s peers

Associates, clients, and employees may be able to provide a valuable perspective and additional resources.

Complete the online nomination form

You do not need to be a member to nominate; however, some categories are only open to current WCA members. Not sure who is a current member? Submit away, and the committee will verify. Submit your nomination by March 15, 2019 for consideration.

An award may not be given if the Awards Committee deems there are no qualified nominees, based on the nomination package.