LuAnn Glowacz is an Austin, Texas, executive ghostwriter and editor and serves as WordCove, LLC’s founder, president and CWN (Chief Word Nerd). She’s best known for helping entrepreneurs and business leaders sound as smart as they are. LuAnn spent her early professional years as a PR executive at agencies and in the nonprofit, technology, and healthcare sectors. These days, LuAnn prefers writing and editing in her slippers over speeding to early morning TV interviews. With WordCove, she’s ghostwritten thousands of blog posts, reports, case studies, op-eds, contributed articles and even some books – managing a great team of fellow writers when needed – for some of the top business owners in Austin, San Antonio, and throughout the country.
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Best Mentee Fit:

LuAnn’s mentoring sweet spot is providing direction around taking the leap into freelancing/entrepreneurship and building an agency of one. She can share her experiences choosing a specialty (she worked many years in PR before becoming a ghostwriter), juggling work and family, finding and maintaining clients/work, and reaching profitability.

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