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We are always accepting board applications. The 2024-25 Board of Directors will be selected in March 2024.

WCA Past Presidents

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, WCA looks to our members for leadership and support to continue offering top-tier professional events and growing this beloved organization. Learn about the current Board of Directors here.

Serving on the board helps our communicators grow as leaders, and the returns on service are often greater than the service itself.


Time Commitment

Board terms begin on June 1 each year and end on May 31 the following year.

A typical board member’s time commitment, less the hours spent performing the actual position duties, varies from position to position and seasonally with events.

  • Monthly board meeting – 1-1.5 hours
  • Each monthly event – 1.5-2 hours
  • Preparation (reports, etc.) for monthly board meeting – 30 minutes
  • Correspondence and board emails – 1-3 hour per month
  • Get Smart conference and Banner Brunch award ceremony – half-day events
  • We hold a half-day board retreat in June and a mid-year mini-retreat in January.

If you want more details on any specific board position, contact or the person who currently holds that position.


 The president of WCA is responsible for leading the board, coordinating the board’s activities, presiding at board and membership meetings and representing WCA in the community. The president serves as ex officio member of all committees (except nominating).


The president-elect ensures the smooth transition of leadership from the president in the following year. The president-elect serves as an advisor to the president and the board. The president-elect also coordinates the yearly award process for Banner Brunch. In addition, the president-elect assumes specific projects at the request of the president of the board of directors and presides at meetings in the absence of the president.

Chairs the following committee:

Banner Brunch Awards Committee, which reviews and selects the year’s Banner Brunch awards recipients

Past President

The past president serves as an advisor and mentor to the board and membership. The past president also chairs the nominating committee which selects the following year’s board of directors. This position also promotes the scholarship fund and works with the  VP of Career Services to generate nominations, and chairs the scholarship selection committee.

Chairs the following committees:

  • Board Nominating Committee which selects the following year’s board of directors
  • Scholarship Selection Committee which awards scholarships at Banner Brunch

The treasurer is responsible for working with our bookkeeper to maintain bank accounts, monthly financial reports, reimbursement requests, obtaining and filing tax reports, and depositing funds.

Secretary/VP of Operations

The secretary and vice president of operations keeps an accurate account of the proceedings of all meetings of WCA and the board of directors. This position facilitates communications within the organization by distributing reports and minutes to board members. As the vice president of operations, this role provides organization and maintenance of project management and administrative tools for the board of directors. Additional duties include managing the listserv and various administrative tasks as needed.

Committee positions:
Tech Committee Chair

Vice President of Development

This board member manages sponsorship opportunities to help WCA cover operating costs, grants, and philanthropy funds. The VP of development recruits both one-time and year-round sponsors. Duties include establishing and refining sponsorship categories, soliciting sponsorships, and tracking memorials and honorariums. This position ensures that sponsors receive appropriate benefits and extends sponsor appreciation.

Committees positions:
Sponsorship Fulfillment Chair

Sponsorship Communications Liaison

Vice President of Philanthropy

This position is responsible for overseeing the philanthropic efforts of WCA, including CommSquad, as well as supporting the Past President in the recruitment and promtion for the Jo Caldwell Meyer scholarship. 

Chairs the following committees:

  • CommSquad Committee which selects the coming year’s nonprofit organzation and coordinates CommSquad volunteer activity.
Vice President of Membership

Along with the vice president of engagement, the vice president of membership recruits new members, assists prospective members, and works to retain current members. This position is responsible for ensuring WCA members understand the value of their membership and have a positive user experience during signup and renewal. This role manages the WCA membership database and oversees new member outreach.

Committee positions:

  • Member Retention Chair
  • Member Recruitment Chair
Vice President of Communications

The vice president of communications coordinates communications activities to promote WCA programs and events. This position works with other board members to schedule activities and follows best practices in communications. The VP of Communications audits communications channels and recommends new media and approaches. He/she will also review the committee structure under this role and adjust as needed.

Committee positions:

  • Social Media Chair
  • Design Chair
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Publicity Chair
  • Website Editor
  • Writers
Vice President of Programs

This position is responsible for planning and securing speakers for the bimonthly luncheon/evening meetings for 6 events per year. The VP of Programs is responsible for submitting a communications brief to the communications committee to promote each event. The VP of Programs must attend each event, acting as host to the speakers and introducing them to the audience.

Vice President of Programs (Freelance)

The vice president of freelance programming works collaboratively with the Vice President of Programs to plan programming and event options that are inclusive to freelancers and small business owners.

Vice President of Professional Development

The vice president of professional development plans and implements the annual Get Smart conference which offers training and the opportunity to learn about trends and developments in the communications workplace. This event takes place in the fall.

Vice President of Career Services

The vice president of career services oversees many of the career-related benefits for WCA members. This position manages the job bank and promotes the job network to potential employers and WCA members, and manages the resume review, mentor, and student services programs. The VP of career services also coordinates networking events, including Careers Over Coffee.

Committees positions:

  • Mentor Committee Chair
  • Careers Over Coffee Chairs
  • Job Bank Coordination Chair
  • Resume Review Chair
  • Student Services Chair
Vice President of Special Programs

The vice president of special programs coordinates the organization’s annual awards banquet and philanthropic fundraising event, Banner Brunch. This event takes place in the Spring. Responsibilities include coordination of the event (typically with support of a committee of volunteers), securing the emcee or speakers (as needed), driving registrations, coordinating banquet venue arrangements and soliciting donations for gift bags and the silent auction.

Vice President of Engagement

The vice president of engagement keeps an ongoing relationship with board members and volunteers. This board member receives volunteer requests from the WCA website and attempts to match volunteers with other board members or committees that fit the volunteer interests and goals and where help is needed. This position coordinates events to engage the membership and recruit new members including the monthly meetups (Connect Over Cocktails) and the annual Holiday Party. The role actively encourages all board members to mentor and ready their committee volunteers for leadership succession, making the annual process of board transitions efficient.

Board Application Process

Members, including current board members, must apply annually to serve on the Board of Directors. Eligible candidates must be current members in good standing to serve on the board. Some positions are more sought after, so candidates are encouraged to list at least three positions when expressing interest in board service. If you feel unqualified for a position (or don’t have specific experience in that area), don’t let that prevent you from applying for that position. The outgoing board member or another board member will always be available to guide you along the way.

Board members are elected for one board year term. Any current board members who would like to be considered for a new board year term must reapply each year.


A formal call for nominations is emailed to the membership. However, nominations are accepted all year. The nominating committee reviews applications between January and February for a term start date of June 1. All candidates are reviewed on a rolling basis to be considered for any open positions or the next term.

A nominating committee consisting of five elected members reviews applications and does its best to match candidates with positions. The committee may interview applicants before preparing a slate of officers.

The slate of officers is presented to members at the member meeting to approve or reject the slate.

The newly elected board members meet with the incoming president and/or outgoing board members currently holding their position to help prepare for the upcoming board year and ensure a smooth transition.

The new board year starts June 1st and runs through May 31st the following year.

Board Application Form


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