Caitlyn Macaluso is a master of figuring things out. She started her professional life in fitness and earned a Masters in Exercise Science after a very unrelated undergraduate degree (Sociology). She went on to manage facilities and teams in both the private sector and higher education. She left fitness as a full-time career in 2013 and landed in legal marketing after a variety of sales and management roles. She is currently the Director of Marketing and Communications for FVF Law, an Austin personal injury firm committed to being a dignified alternative in the marketplace. Longtime Austinite and lifetime Longhorn, Caitlyn is energized by community involvement and connecting people for synergistic relationships. She is passionate about Austin’s non-profit community and enjoys volunteering with the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, Austin Humane Society, Girls Empowerment Network, and others. She has served on WCA’s board as the VP of Communications and the VP of Special Programs.
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Caitlyn is a great resource for professionals interested in a career shift and/or those who need a cheerleader and confidence boost.

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