Following a 25-year in public relations, Laura created a significant career change by forming a Pilates and fitness business, Mat Pilates ATX, as an extension of her coaching/consulting practice for executives in transition. As both a teacher and a coach, Laura supports clients to navigate challenges related to their personal and professional goals and well-being. Her professional experience includes co-founding and managing a successful boutique PR business from 2008-2020, focused on earned media and relationship building marketing strategies for private businesses, nonprofits, artists, experts, and entrepreneurs. Laura also taught business communication and professional development at the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University from 2018-2022.
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Best Mentee Fit:

Laura is a good fit for a mentee who wants to improve their decision-making skills to reach both short-term and long-term goals. For clients who are looking to make a career change or pursue an ambitious goal, she helps them identify what drives them, what they want, and how to explore possibilities before making a change. She is also a good fit for mentees who have been through a layoff, restructuring or other disappointment and are seeking to regain confidence as they pursue their next opportunity. Her ideal mentee wants to learn how to trust their own decision-making skills and navigate their path from the inside out.

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