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A Focused Mind: Q&A WCA@Lunch Speaker Erika Marcoux

Written by Noemi Ortiz. Mindfulness: Achieve the Power of a Focused Mind On November 16 WCA@Lunch featured Jenn Fairbank and Erika Marcoux, founders and CEOs of Cornerstone Mindfulness, LLC, who spoke on achieving the power of a focused mind.  They explored the topic of mindfulness, a powerful mind skill backed by neuroscientists, and how it can increase […]

Ask a Mentor: Intimidated by Job Descriptions

Compiled and edited by Julie Tereshchuk.               Dear Mentors, How do you figure out where you fit into the new digital frontier when you have been out of the professional workforce game for over ten years? I am confident in my knowledge, skills and education but not in how […]

Your Online Video is Not a Swiss Army Knife!

Written by Matthew Lemke. If you try to make your web video all things to all people, it will end up nothing to anybody. In other words, your video should have a fairly specific purpose or goal. Do you want people to take a certain action in the moment, like click a link at the end […]

Freelance Austin

Freelance Austin meets the second Wednesday of each month to share timely information pertinent to achieving professional success.
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