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You can find WCA on Slack! The WCA Slack workspace is open only to members, providing an opportunity to network online with fellow members. In this Slack workspace, you can post job openings, ask questions, request resources or referrals, and share experiences with other professional communicators, and search archived posts. To learn how to join the WCA Slack channel, login to your account and view this page, or check your email invitation.

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Be sure to check out the getting started guide ( and learn how to use Slack (–your-quick-start-guide).

Using Slack

Start/Find a conversation: Channels are spaces where you can work with your co-workers on specific topics. Conversations in channels are transparent and accessible to people in your company. If you want to stay up to date with a specific team, you can find and join a channel ( and scroll up to see past messages.

Send a message: Send a message ( to the dedicated project channel to get an answer from the right people. If your question is only for a specific teammate, you can send them a DM.

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What to Post

  • Questions and requests for help –As a member, use the forum to ask questions, seek advice on communications matters, look for referrals to tools or partners.
  • Answers to questions & industry tips – find a great tool or know how to solve someone’s posted challenge? Answer away!
  • Share job opportunities – We prefer you submit these to the WCA job bank ( and projects to Freelance Austin’s project bank ( but in a pinch the forum works too!
  • Share events – Post details for events that you think will be of interest, preferably that you’re involved with or planning to attend. Invite others to participate with you (bonus points if you have a discount code!).

What NOT to Post

  • Your sales pitch – Slack is not meant to be used for solicitation purposes, nor do we want our members to feel spammed. Content should be for the benefit of the group.
  • Spam – Be cognizant of how often you are posting message. Ask yourself: “Will this information be useful to other WCA members?” If not, don’t send it.
  • Political and religious topics – The forum is intended to uplift and support our members and is not a place for debates. Please honor this request in your postings.