Christine is a real estate consultant with JB Goodwin. She worked as a publicist as far back as 2000; a marketing copywriter and content strategist dating back to 2010; and as an advertising proofreader back in 2013. Christine has been a mentor with Women Communicators since 2016 and formerly served on the board for the National Association of Professional Organizers as the technology and communications chair.

After contributing to the nonprofit, higher education, and technology sectors, Christine has transitioned full-time to communicating in real estate as a realtor and residential appraiser trainee. The career pivot is an area of proficiency as well as time management.
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Best Mentee Fit:

Christine enjoys working with community-minded individuals with an interest in wellness. In particular, people who are considering a career pivot. She is available to discuss relationship building, networking as well as ways to navigate challenging work environments, and strategies to prioritize personal wellness.

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