Andrea is one of those rare people who loves her job and actually does what she went to school to do–a burnt-orange unicorn! A journalist at heart, Andrea takes her journalism skills and builds complete publications, from writing and editing to layout and publication. She manages all the parts of the publication process working mainly with professional association clients to publish valuable content to their members. Andrea’s background in design helps her to graphically elevate each article, magazine, and publication. She specializes in providing collaborative project management, meaning Andrea keeps lots of plates spinning at once! Her daily goal is to elevate her clients’ mission and promote their ability to reach members via print and digital magazines. Andrea is also a serial volunteer and loves being involved with passionate people. She enjoys reading, podcasts, micro-gardening, baking, travel, and most of all, being super silly with her kids!
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Best Mentee Fit:

Andrea still has seven Girl Scouts including her daughter. She started the troop when they were in Kindergarten. They are now 13 and 14 and Andrea loves when they can just talk about the things that they love and the possibilities of how to make their interests or talents a part of their professional life. Andrea likes pushing them to solve problems and see themselves differently, through her eyes as their mentor/advocate (versus a parent). Somehow the possibilities become endless! Andrea wants to take that energy and apply it to mentoring with WCA. In most situations, she seems to be the one who most effectively works through personality issues—the hard-to-deal-with client, the stubborn person on the team. Andrea brings them around (it takes time). She recently successfully navigated a mediation with a client and it was hard, but they emerged with no enemies. Perhaps she can help with challenging personalities or circumstances. Every day for Andrea is one where she tries to produce the most she can while being creative and deadline-driven, so Andrea has project management and accountability skills she can share.

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