Monique is an experienced marketing communication/demand generation professional with 15 years of experience. After earning her degree in Public Relations from the University of Texas at San Antonio, (she says, before it was cool to go there) she moved to Austin to start her career in the tech industry. She has worked on marketing teams from small startups to enterprise scale, from tight purse strings to even tighter purse strings. Her goal at each company is to expand their messaging reach while helping drive leads to sales. Monique came to WCA after feeling alone in the tech world, as a woman and a minority, to find a group of encouraging women who relit the fire in her belly. She now volunteers with WCA to pass the torch or reignite the fire in woman who might have lost their way or just need a little kick start.
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Best Mentee Fit:

Monique’s best fit is someone new to their career or who has been doing it for a while but needs some neutral perspective. Problem solving or creative thinking work is always welcome.

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