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Do I Spill or Be Still?

Compiled and edited by Julie Tereshchuk

Dear Mentors,

I’ve been at my current company about 9 months, and feel I’ve been doing pretty well. However, my circumstances at home are changing, so it looks like I’ll soon be a single mom. I really don’t want to share personal details at work, but I worry what impact the changes will have on my job performance. Do I have to tell people?


Feeling Stressed

Dear Feeling Stressed,

No, you don’t have to disclose changes in your personal life. However, if they affect your work hours, ability to travel or need for flexibility, you might want to give your supervisor a minimal amount of information, such as, “Would it be possible for me to work x hours instead of my normal y hours because I am juggling some things at home,” or whatever.

You say you have been on the job nine months and feel you are doing pretty well. It could be a good time to talk to your supervisor about how he/she thinks you are doing. If your employer values you and wants to keep you, your supervisor will likely find a way to accommodate you, as needed.

Mary Ann Roser

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