In 1929, a handful of intelligent, driven, and determined young women came together to create a community for professional communicators. This community was created with the intention to be a beacon for creativity and as an inspiration. Whether they knew it or not, these pioneers were carving the trail for the creators of the future. They ignited this flame in the community that has continued to shine brightly into the twenty-first century.

Now, eight-eight years later, WCA has continued to carry this torch. WCA’s mission to create meaningful connections among communicators in Austin is shown their social events like Connect over Cocktails, Careers over Coffee, and Banner Brunch. These events are the physical manifestations of WCA’s core values: community, evolution, and leadership.

This year, WCA is celebrating their forty-fifth annual Banner Brunch. This brunch is a chance to honor not only WCA’s own milestones, but also the many trailblazers who came before them, and the many more today who continue to carve space and communities for the future.

Banner Brunch is not only a celebration of accomplishments. It is also a moment to celebrate success, failures, love and change, growth and evolution. Banner Brunch is an opportunity to connect with fellow communicators on an even deeper level. It serves as a reminder that empowering women empower other women. Their actions become blueprints for prosperity in the future. This years theme is “Sisterhood is Powerful” and it could not be a more appropriate time to celebrate this theme.

Jane Hervey of #bossbabesATX and Laura Donnelly of Latinitas Magazine and Outreach will be this years showrunners and speakers. Their dedication to the Austin community is reflected in their work and their stride to weave connections within the community.

Currently, WCA is seeking items to contribute to their silent auction. Auction donations benefit Women Communicators of Austin’s work in our Central Texas community, including the Jo Caldwell Meyer Scholarship Fund and other philanthropic activities. Along with the celebrating outstanding communicators in the community, WCA will also be awarding these scholarships to Central Texas’s most outstanding communications majors and have awarded more than $60,000 in scholarships to date.

You can find more information on tickets here. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as we ramp up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Trust us, you won’t want to miss #BannerBrunch2018.

Julie Tereshchuk