Banner Brunch Awards Nomination

Banner Brunch is one of Women Communicators of Austin’s most treasured and anticipated events. Annual awards are made, scholarships are granted and the auction is legendary. For more information contact WCA’s Banner chair.

Nominations for the 2018 Banner Brunch Awards are now closed for the 2018 year. 

Outstanding Austin Communicator Award

Liz Carpenter Lifetime Achievement Award

Gene Barnwell Waugh Mentor Award

Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award

Gladys Whitley Hearst Outstanding Member (for members only)

Leadership Award (for members only)

Banner Awards Nomination Helpful Tips

When writing your nomination, be as complete as possible and provide specific examples to demonstrate how the nominee fits the award criteria. Nominees will be judged solely on the content of the award application. If some questions are left unanswered, this will reduce the overall score. You do not have to be a WCA member to submit a nomination.

You may provide additional relevant documentation including the nominee’s resume, media clips, testimonial letters, or other relevant information as available. Please email attachments to WCA’s President-Elect. To help complete the form, we also recommend these resources:

1)    Contact the nominee for additional information: The nominee can be your best source for background information to provide the most complete application, and may be able to offer supporting materials that will add weight to their nomination form.

2)    Research the nominee online: An online search can provide you with media clips and biographical data and other information relevant to the nominee’s achievements.

3)    Talk with the nominee’s peers: Associates, clients and employees may be able to provide a valuable perspective and additional resources.

4)     Complete the online nomination form: You do not need to be a member to nominate; however, some categories are only open to current WCA members.

An award may not be given if the awards committee deems there are no qualified nominees, based on the nomination package.