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Compiled and edited by Julie Tereshchuk

Dear Mentors,

How should I put freelance jobs on my resume? Should I write it for different freelance jobs? What if it is on and off freelance jobs?



Dear Freelancer,

As a fellow freelancer, I have never been asked for a resume related to a freelance job. 

However, I know that my LinkedIn account and professional website get hits when someone is checking me out.

I’d spend my energy there. 

Best of luck, and see you at our next Freelance Austin meeting!


Sandra Kleinsasser


Dear Freelancer,

Give your freelance company a name, such as YOUR NAME Consulting or Writing. Then you can list your freelance work under that name.


Glenda Beasley


Dear Freelancer,

These days with LinkedIn profiles operating as a de facto resume, I find resume conundrums are best answered in the context of that platform. If the freelance work was a significant contract that took most of your time for a period, and you have approval/confidence to list the company as an “employer” in LinkedIn, then I believe it deserves it’s own “job” line, with a note that the work was contract/freelance. (Personally, I prefer the fuzzier but more professional “contract” wherever possible.)

If however, the freelancer makes a career out of smaller, similar projects, I would name the freelance business (by name or solopreneur company name) as the “employer” and use the description of that “employment” as a space to highlight relevant and significant projects. 


Jenny Magic