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Free Job Resources? (an Update)

Compiled and edited by Julie Tereshchuk


Dear Mentors,

My peer mentor is very generous with her time and advice, but I need more help building my skills and managing my job search. Can you suggest no-cost resources online or locally?




The mentors first answered this question back in 2014. Now, we’ve added some timely updates.


Dear Seeking,

When it comes to updating your skills, there is no shortage of online resources, and many are low-cost. The City of Austin Small Business Development Center offers many in-person programs, and low-cost subscription services abound online, including LinkedIn Learning (formerly, Skillshare, and 99u.


If you have any friends in leadership positions, ask them to review your resume for you. (Editor’s note: the Mentor program also offers WCA members a resume review service.)


There are many job search communities on Meetup and LinkedIn. Also, this article has great ideas.

Maura Thomas


Dear Seeking,

Austin Community College Career Services office hosts numerous job fairs, career workshops, and networking events for current and former students.


Sandra Kleinsasser





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