By Maria Rios

Depending on where we reside in our industry as communications or marketing professionals, incorporating video as part of a strategic campaign can be daunting. Video production can be expensive and a hard sell for organizations with limited budgets. For those of us with limited experience with the medium, how can we be sure we’re using video to make the best strategic and creative choices for our campaigns?

In the session “Create the Most Effective Video for your Marketing Campaign,” Kelly Shores will share tools, tips and best practices for developing and deploying an effective video marketing message.

We caught up with him recently to ask him about his professional interests and background, and to give us a few teaser insights on his session at Get Smart.

Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired you to pursue a career in video production? What do you like most about what you do?

I have been making short films since I was very young. My father had a Super 8 millimeter movie camera and I used to make stop motion movies with that. From there I decided making movies was what I wanted to do full time.

My favorite thing about working in video production is learning about different businesses and organizations. Each project is an opportunity to learn something new!

What led you to pursue starting your own company?

I worked at a couple of software companies where I hired video production agencies. It always seemed like the agencies were having more fun than we were, so I thought after a while that starting my own video production agency would be fun. I also had a great co-founder who helped me decide to take the leap!

Why are visuals so important to marketing and PR?

Visuals are more important than ever. Think about how we communicate with social media, face-to-face calls and even emojis. Words are still very important, but visuals are quickly becoming an essential part of the way we communicate today.

When it comes to video content, what is the biggest mistake professionals or companies make with their visual strategies?

In terms of video content, I feel the biggest mistake most organizations make is to publish and forget it. Meaning you can’t just put something on your web site or YouTube and assume people will view it. You have to provide context and promote content if you want people to view it.

What is most important to consider when deciding to use video as part of a communication or marketing strategy?

If you plan to use video as part of your marketing strategy, you have to figure out how to rise above the day-to-day noise that most people deal with every day. Don’t be afraid to try something different or unique. And most of all, be authentic! People can spot insincerity a mile away.

When hiring a video production company, what is the best way to make the most of the investment?

Hiring a video production company is a big decision. You need to find a company that you enjoy working with. I always tell my clients that half of what we deliver is the end product (video etc.). The other half is the experience of making the video. The experience of making the video is just as important as the final product.

From your vantage point, what trends are emerging in the realm of video marketing? 

Short form videos that are “snack sized” content are definitely increasing in popularity. Also, very targeted content, designed to appeal to a very specific audience is becoming more common and effective. Video is no longer a “mass appeal” exercise!

Be sure to attend WCA’s 2017 Get Smart to hear more from Kelly about getting the most value out of your video investment.