Written by Matt Lemke.

Photo by Austin Photographer, Matthew Lemke“Video killed the radio star…” (Google it if you’re under 45!), but it also helps your business fulfill some critical functions. Let’s review some of them…

1. Overviews: this type of video provides an introduction and general description of your business. They often have interviews with principals of the company describing the company story, philosophy, and general approach. The “talking head” might be broken up with b-roll (cut away footage) to the operations of the business. This might also be called a “Culture” video.

Here’s an example of this type of video I did for American Auto Brokers.

2. Support the Sale: There are various types of video that promote the selling of the product and service, as well as providing additional information to the client after the sale. Product reviews or demos are the obvious type in this arena. These demonstrate how something works and shows the product or service in action. One benefit is a dramatic reduction in returns by showing the customers exactly what they’re getting.

Testimonials are another type that helps increase sales. They have more credibility than written testimonials because they’re harder to fake.

3. Educate Your Audience: “How to” or “Explainer” videos show people how to accomplish a task like caulk a tub or use the app you just launched. Another type to consider is a Buying Guide or Product Comparison. Guide people in the process of choosing a product or service by giving information on what questions to ask, and what criteria to look for. You can also show how to expand the use of your product or use it in a different way.

The Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin creates their own videos on a regular basis providing mini-lessons on various instruments. This provides additional material for their students getting private lessons to access on their own time. Here’s their YouTube page for various examples. This content provides additional value and support to your client base.

4. Share the News: Did you get some press recently? New Hire? New location? New product or service offering? Big accomplishment? Create a quick video announcement about it!

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but rather a general overview. Now, get out there and make a video!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt runs an Austin video production and commercial photography business in Texas. He’s been telling company’s unique stories through web videos and photography for over 16 years. He has clients in the high tech, healthcare, corporate, and legal fields, as well as various small businesses, with clients including Exxon Mobil’s General Counsels office, The Austin Bar Association, Central Health, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital. Matt has lived in Austin for nearly 30 years, having grown up in El Paso, Texas and South America. w: www.MatthewLemke.com ematt@matthewlemke.com