Written by Hanna De Hoyos.

Aaron_One Story ProductionsMany companies are now realizing the power of video to tell their story, and how it’s becoming a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. Video has become so much more accessible that many companies are opting to develop in-house production teams, or are outsourcing video production, to satisfy the public’s craze for visual content. However, many companies struggle with the idea, and possibly lack the budget, to produce video in-house or to outsource with a video production company. Women Communicators of Austin recently met with Aaron Weiss, founder and principal of One Story Productions, to answer the question ‘Should companies produce videos in-house or outsource them?’

“Whether it’s to establish the message of your organization, launch a new product or promote an upcoming event, there isn’t a more influential way to communicate with customers and add a layer of authenticity to your mission than video,” said Weiss. “However, many companies simply don’t know how to get started and are not aware of the benefits and cost savings of outsourcing video production. It can be a more affordable option for many organization’s, saving their staff time and money.”

Weiss offered a few benefits companies should consider when taking the first step in deciding whether to create in-house video or outsource to a production company.

Quality and Cost

The number one benefit of outsourcing is high-quality video production. A professional video production company has the diverse experience and state-of-the-art resources to ensure your film is of the highest quality. And being competitive in the business world, video production companies have to ensure their equipment has the latest capabilities to produce and exceed expectations.

Video production, especially high-quality video production, costs money to properly produce, and hiring a company may seem like the more expensive option, on the surface. However, with a video production company, you only purchase the services needed. These advantages save companies the cost of having to invest in purchasing expensive video equipment and software, or having to hire an extra staff person to produce video.

Flexibility and Time

If you find a video company that is interested in creating a collaborative partnership, you develop something of a symbiotic relationship. You each need one another’s business, and you’ll find an extremely agile media partner who is motivated by deadlines and who is willing to put in extra time to ensure your video is produced of the highest quality in a timely matter.

If you’re a very small company, it’s also worth noting the time you can save by outsourcing. Trusting a professional to produce your film gets that time consumed and high-pressured creative project off your plate. 

Brand knowledge

Independent producers will be less knowledgeable about the company’s brands, products and customers; however, a successful production company will take the time to learn your company’s mission and goals. One Story takes a consultative approach to develop a working relationship. They start their process of working with a client by learning the brand, understanding the story and establishing the intended audience, and the expected outcomes of a video project. Having a “fresh set of eyes” on your business might also be more beneficial to you, and create a positive growth and augmentation to your marketing strategy.

So which one is for you?

It’s tough to argue that outsourcing is the most straightforward way to get the visual content you need, especially from the start. There’s no need to worry about the long-term investment in buying equipment, hiring employees and outlining a video strategy in extreme detail.

Outsourcing your video to professionals can be most beneficial, as they can share their knowledge and expertise to help refine or clarify your vision, and walk you through the video production process. In exchange, you gain experience of how film can work for you without committing to anything long-term and figure out your company’s ongoing demands for video. If your company isn’t going to create videos consistently, outsourcing is the way to go.

Taking the First Step

One Story Productions can help make the process of creating video as easy as possible. Their friendly, consultative methodology is the perfect approach for your organization to figure out what best suits you. They are available to meet with you to discuss your audience, goals and expectations, and help set you up for the start of a transformative visual campaign. For a more comprehensive outline of what it is like working with a production company, click here.

Hanna De Hoyos is a communications specialist at Capital Metro.