Written by: Kristen Hicks

FreelanceAustrinMany Austin freelancers are communication professionals and vice versa. Since WCA has its share of members that do freelance work, we want to be sure our blog covers topics relevant to the freelance community.

To that effect, WCA’s quarterly feature Freelance Corner provides a summary of some of the insights being shared over on the blog for WCA’s special interest group, Freelance Austin.

Tips for Making a Good Physical First Impression

As so much socializing and networking moves to the digital realm, people can start to forget the importance of the physical impression we make when meeting someone new. LeAnn Pashina provides a rundown of tips everyone can take advantage of to make a better impression on people when meeting in person.

Getting Out of the Procrastination Pit

Do you ever procrastinate? Of course you do. Everyone does. The second part in this interview series by Karen Aroian and Sherry Lowry examines two categories of challenges that freelancers can tackle to get out of the procrastination pit: time and space.

Copyrights for Copywriters and Other Freelancers

What is a copyright? Is it something you need now for your freelance business? For the second post in her series of legal issues for freelancers, Emily Morris provides all the basic information freelancers need to understand about why copyrights matter to us and what we should do about it.

The Art of Networking: How to Build Bridges, Not Burn Them

Networking is an art form. You can’t just show up for events and hope for the best. Or worse, ask strangers for favors before establishing a real relationship. Clarisa Ramirez turns her extensive experience of networking as a freelancer in Austin toward providing insights to help the rest of us get it right.

Are you a freelancer in Austin with something to say? The Freelance Austin blog is welcoming submissions and we’d love to hear from you.