Written by Cristina Salinas.

View More: http://votiveimage.pass.us/leverageprMeet founder and principal of Leverage PR, Joy Schoffler. Joy was recently recognized as the 2016 winner in the Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations category at the 18th annual Austin Under 40 Awards.

Under Joy’s leadership, her firm has expanded from representing early stage companies to national brands such as SXSW, UC Berkley and more. Additionally, Joy is a contributing author for the Wiley-published Bloomberg Media book “Crowdfunding: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Capital on the Internet” and serves on the board of the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), where she works with the SEC and FINRA to implement new JOBS Act policies and regulations.  An accomplished expert in financial communication, Joy has traveled the globe speaking about JOBS Act financial policy.

How did you get involved with WCA?

I became involved with Women Communicators of Austin several years ago, and was later selected for the Outstanding Austin Communicator Award in 2013. Through the years, I have found WCA to be an exceptional group that I continue to recommend to my friends and staff. I feel that all women can benefit from aligning themselves with an organization whose mission it is to provide opportunities for professional development and surround their members with a strong community of support.

 What is your favorite part about your current role and why?

One of the best things about my role as principal of Leverage PR is being in a position to truly make an impact on my client’s business. It is incredibly exciting to see our strategic communications initiatives turn into tangible business outcomes.

What were some of your favorite positions? Why?

One of my favorite positions was serving as a finance and public affairs officer in the Army, as it taught me a great deal about how to mentor and lead. Another position that I truly enjoyed was my role as director of acquisitions at commercial real estate investment firm, The PPA Group. I had one of the best bosses and mentors of my career who showed me how to create real value in the market.

What are you passionate about and how did that develop?

My beautiful children, Isabella and Tyler, are my main passion. I think all moms know how that develops! Another strong passion is helping to create an ecosystem where business owners can succeed. I truly believe that creating opportunity solves many of the world’s social and economic problems.

Tell us about the best day (or best project) in your current role.

Wow, there are so many amazing days! As the owner of a boutique PR agency, each day has its own opportunities to learn and grow, and it is amazing to watch my team in action. They work so hard to build on our clients’ initiatives, which is always a great source of pride.

What is the best career advice you’ve received or given?

The best career advice I’ve received is from my incredible senior vice president for the firm, Emily Thomson. She is a firm believer in always grooming your replacement. Through her example, I’ve experienced how important it is to equip your team with the knowledge and mentorship they need to succeed and accomplish their objectives, both within your organization and in life. When you help others achieve their goals, you are also laying the groundwork for your own success.