Written by Tracy Sullivan.

Samantha Furry headshot

Samantha Furry

It’s no secret that active volunteers make a vibrant and healthy organization. WCA depends on committed and enthusiastic volunteers to support the organization’s signature events, career resources, communications, operations, and the overall vitality of the group. With so many opportunities to network, build relationships, and grow or expand your skills, how do you choose the best place to get involved? That’s where Samantha Furry can help.

Serving as the organization’s first VP of Volunteer Coordination for the 2015-2016 Board term, Samantha is working with the Board of Directors and new and existing volunteers to help simplify and clarify the process for volunteer participation and contribution; the end goal being a fortified volunteer experience and member lifecycle.

Interested members and non-members can fill out the Volunteer Form to get the ball rolling. Samantha will personally touch base, schedule some time to talk, and get to know how you’d like to contribute and what your goals are within WCA. Working together to ensure a good volunteer-to-opportunity fit helps enhance the volunteer experience, member vitality and strengthens WCA as a whole.

Still mulling? Check out our top five reasons to volunteer with WCA. Or contact Samantha directly and she’ll talk through any questions you have.