By Jacqueline Sinex, WEBii

I believe that communication is the key to everything. Good communication is the foundation of well-run businesses. It’s the fuel for stellar operations decisions. It’s the concrete slab of human relationships.

Author Jackie Sinex.

It should be no surprise that job roles in communications are essential in today’s world economy.

Communications is a wide net with a lot of job roles and big impact.

The field of communications is actually very broad. It encompasses marketing, content, digital presence, brand strategy, crisis management, public relations, traditional media, social media, and more.

As the world, the Internet, and consumer behavior evolves, the demand for these skills in businesses increases.

But in order to be successful, companies must invest in talent who has not only the skills to write a good paragraph or make a beautiful graphic. They need people who add diverse perspectives, someone who knows how to listen to the audience and solve problems with the right responses.

Women communicators bring a lot to the table.

Women offer a valuable perspective that should not be overlooked. Many women lead with an empathetic mindset. In fact, during some interesting research at UCLA Health, women’s brains displayed more empathy.

Empathy and the ability to listen for customer pain points are very valuable attributes to have on your team when you are trying to convince someone to buy or to act.

Let’s imagine the possibility of different outcomes to a common business challenge: a company has a crisis situation and they need to respond. Would the public’s perception of that company be better if someone with strong emphatic thinking and collaborative mindset crafted the message?

Diversity and inclusion should be driving forces in your organization.

Diversity enhances a company. Many workplaces have seen the benefits of building a diverse workforce. By employing women, men, LBGTQ, and persons with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, a business gains a variety of perspectives and approaches. Each person’s uniqueness not only contributes to the work, but can inspire others on the team.

When we support women in communications, we encourage diversity and growth. Believing in the power of this approach may unleash a company’s true potential.

Jacqueline Sinex has 10 years of education in fine arts and has worked in the web design and development field since 1997. As a director and project manager, she is a key communicator with business owners, marketers, non-profit executives, program directors, and the WEBii design, programming and SEO team.