Who is Monarch Media?

We are a boutique custom publishing company specializing in producing membership magazines and generating advertising revenue for associations in Texas.

Why did you form Monarch Media?

As our family dynamics changed, we wanted more flexibility in our work schedules and to chart our own career paths for the future. Fortunately, we both worked in the association industry and recognized a need that our combined skills (project management/graphic design and marketing/advertising sales) could meet for associations. This knowledge, alongside our growing desire to be our own bosses, prompted us to form Monarch Media.

What advice would you have for someone contemplating starting their own business?

Partner with a like-minded person with a complimentary skill set to yours. Know your target market and how they will benefit from the services you are providing. Generate a business plan and make a realistic timeline to start accepting clients. Have all your marketing pieces in place early. Plan financially for lean months in the beginning. Be patient. Forgive yourself for making a misstep. Learn from others. Have a great network of friends and peers like WCA.

How have you benefited from being members of WCA?

Early on, our WCA connections generated new clients that helped us find our footing. As we’ve grown, we now look to WCA as a resource for talent that can help us expand our services. We’ve made some long-lasting friendships within this group who are always willing to help us navigate new opportunities.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is a state or local association looking to outsource complete publishing services for their membership publication. We work with monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and annual publications providing complete publication layout from initial concept to editorial design and print liaison. We also handle all aspects of advertising sales for a publication from generating sales leads to collecting payment once an issue is printed. A portion of every ad dollar received is then shared with the association.




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