Written by Victoria Williams.

Kendra BrownFrom Mansfield, Texas, Kendra Brown is a junior at Texas State University. She is majoring in Electronic Media, minoring in English and serves as the Social Media Chair for the university’s Women Communicators of Austin (WCA) Student Group. Kendra is also a production assistant and an on-air DJ for KTSW, the on-campus radio station. She is interning as a Social Media Coordinator and Web Content Creator at New Lifestyles in Dallas. Kendra also gives back to the City of San Marcos by volunteering in her spare time. She has aspirations of becoming a TV news anchor after graduation.

Get to know Kendra better through this Q&A:

Q: How did you decide a career in communications was what you wanted to do professionally?
A: Since I was young, I have wanted to start a career in the communications field. I have old home videos of me pretending to be a news reporter out in the field and a news anchor at the desk. My parents told me they knew, from the start, that I would be a part of some avenue of communications or broadcast. When I got into high school, I decided to see further if that was the route for me, so I wrote and reported for my school newspaper for three years. After that, I knew that I wanted to do something in this field. I loved telling different stories and being able to hear what people had to say about different things.

Q: What was it about Texas State University and its communication program that helped you decide to further you education there?
A: What’s most unique about the School of Journalism and Mass Communication here is the multitude of programs and equipment you can utilize. I started college at another university and the program did not have the option to explore the many sides of the communications field. What I like best about our program is that my major (electronic media), is a fusion of radio and TV, Public relations, print journalism and the web content side of communications. I feel that we have one of the best programs in the state as you get a taste of many aspects of the field to better prepare you for the job market. I have noticed that companies do not just want you to have one skill but many. It gives you a heads up on the competition when you have multiple skills to bring to the table. So yes you do know how to work the camera but you can also edit the video, write a story for the web and write a story for broadcast.

Q: What appeals to you most about the WCA student group at Texas State University and why did you join?
A: What appealed to me the most and made me join was just this group of powerful women in the workforce. It was refreshing to see like-minded women come together and seek knowledge to become successful professionals. Another aspect is the fact that there are so many programs to participate in so you can become successful when you’re out of college. From finding a mentor to connecting and learning advice from professionals at college over coffee or speed mentoring, the choices are endless. Also the comradery we have with each other that will last beyond our college years.

Q: Describe you role within the WCA group.
A: These past two semesters, I served as the social media chair. My main duties were to inform every one of events and meetings via social media. As well as engage with other media outlets about WCA and inform other students on the Texas State campus about what WCA has to offer. This next semester, I am moving chairs and serving a dual position as the Treasurer and Membership Chair.

Q: What are some of things you’ve accomplished while being a part of the organization?
A: One of the big things I have accomplished while being a part of WCA is receiving my internship. Some of the things I learned through college over coffee and the speakers we have had at our meetings helped me get and maintain my internship.

Q: Who would you say is your role model and why?
A: I would say my role models are my parents. Both of my parents are retired Navy and they are no nonsense. Their push and drive helped me to stay focused and get things accomplished in almost every aspect of my life. With their guidance, I started the first grade at 4 years old and maintained being a year early in school. To this day, I am still ahead due to their advice and will graduate this December at 20. They instilled a lot of knowledge in me at a young age so, at 20, I would like to say I have my head on pretty straight because of them.

Q: What is it like to be an on-air DJ for the campus radio station, KTSW?
A: I’ve been a DJ on campus for about two years now and it’s the best decision I ever made. Being on air at KTSW is one of the most exciting parts of my day. Getting to interact with people and listen to music is one of the coolest things you can do. I admit, at first, I was a little apprehensive of putting my voice out there and it being heard by thousands. But once you get the hang of it and get used to hearing your own voice it becomes second nature.

Q: Tell me about your internship at New Lifestyles.
A: I have been interning at New LifeStyles, a publishing and Web design firm based in Dallas, Texas, for a year. My main duties consist of writing blogs, press releases and managing their social media accounts. I also get into the web content side of things as I create web pages and content for their website. While I’m at Texas State, I work remotely through my computer to maintain my duties.

Q: How do you think your experiences there will help your career as a future Television News Anchor?
A: I think my internship helps me with my writing and my communication skills. When I start to pursue my career intensely after I graduate, I know I probably won’t get that anchor job right off the bat. So it’s important to know how to write, do a little web content and manage social media accounts. This way, I can still be very effective in a newsroom or at a radio station because these skills are still needed in other departments. This internship gives me well-rounded experience as someone who is in the communications field.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: In my free time, I mostly like to relax. While in school, my schedule is often hectic between classes and the many organizations I’m involved in, so relaxing when I get a chance is always great. I also enjoy doing volunteer work around San Marcos at the Food Bank or doing a park clean up, finding a way to give back to the community is a must.