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Jackie Dryden

Jackie Dryden

At this month’s luncheon, Bethany Andell, President of Houston-based, woman-owned Savage Brands, and Jackie Dryden, the agency’s Purposeologist will share their vision of The Purpose Revolution and why women are well positioned to lead the charge.

Learn more about Savage Brands and what to expect from this month’s luncheon topic in this Q&A with our speakers.


Bethany Andell

Bethany Andell

What it the title of your topic?
The Purpose Revolution: In a world of forty-dollar logos, nephews who build websites and Photoshop on every computer, how do you differentiate and become indispensable to clients?

Please give me a brief overview of what you plan to discuss
We will share the story of what drove Savage Brands to re-lens our entire business and become leaders in a revolution of Purpose. We developed Savage Thinking, an ideology and methodology for guiding a company through uncovering and delivering on the true reason the business exists. We will share our challenges, frustrations and successes along this journey.

Who should attend this luncheon?
Those who work in the fields of communication, design advertising and marketing will benefit from attending.

What are 3 takeaways you hope attendees walk away with?
1. Why clients have stopped listening
2. How Purpose can distance you from the pack
3. How to uncover your Purpose

Can you explain how the inception of Savage Brands came about? What was the process of creating Savage Thinking?
Savage Brands was formed over 40 years ago as a branding and graphic design firm. The company was one of the very first to begin in-house typesetting and would bring computers to every desk and dive into website strategy and design. It makes sense that we are leading the way into the next wave of the future – a revolution of Purpose. We work with businesses to uncover why they exist and then help them align their entire culture around their Purpose.

Do you find that clients are often welcoming to Savage Brands’ approach to solving their problem? Or is there a little resistance at the beginning?
Clients are generally open and interested. But it is like telling a group they need to lose weight. While they agree in theory, when you take their potato chips away they start to panic. But once they get past the first wave of pain, their enthusiasm is powerful.

What is the best part of working at Savage Brands?
At Savage we are able to help companies understand their Purpose and then align their culture with this Purpose. This improves performance which, in turn, drives greater profits. (Ah, yes, profits – the thing most companies say they desire in the first place)

 What exactly is a Purposeologist?
Jackie is the visionary behind Savage Thinking and driver of all our clients’ Purpose work.

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