Written by WCA Silver Sponsor Aaron Weiss.

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Videos are becoming an increasingly popular content strategy tool for marketers and communicators as they speak to many consumers’ visual nature. Just look at YouTube, which is more popular than ever, having been called the second largest search engine where 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute and 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month.

Want to make videos a larger part of your 2015 marketing strategy? Here are five things to know when working with video production companies.

  1. Ask questions:
    The producer will walk you through the process as much as possible, but it is important for you to participate in the process in order to help facilitate the creative workflow.
  1. Come up with initial concepts:
    The producer will not know the inner workings of your organization as well as you do. Bring a few ideas to the table for potential projects and open up the dialogue for landing on a clear objective. This will help to insure that the video(s) will have the desired impact on your audience.
  1. Keep a clear focus:
    Always be mindful of what you want to achieve with each video project. It is better to create numerous short videos that pinpoint specific program/services, rather that one longer piece that attempts to include everything important to your organization.
  1. Utilize existing branding and creative assets:
    It is essential to include any/all of your current branded assets into your video campaign, in order to maintain and reinforce your brand and community.
  1. Tell unique stories:
    Clearly, your organization works extremely hard to implement its mission. In order to communicate what you do, and why, find real people, who have been positively impacted by your organization, to include in the videos. Have them tell your story through their unique testimonials–authenticity tends to be more moving and impactful than fabricating stories with actors.

Please reach out to Aaron with any questions as you initiate talks with the production company that will be the best fit for your organization. WCA members should feel comfortable contacting Aaron for free consulting before, during and after the creation of your projects.

About One Story Productions
One Story Productions is an Austin-based production company, specializing in creating video content for organizations large and small. They partner with non-profits and businesses to tell the story behind their missions. One Story Productions is proud to be a new sponsor of WCA and would like to engage the membership in thoughts about video production best-practices. One Story is lead by Founder/Director, Aaron Weiss.

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