Rich Handley high resRegistration is still open for our July monthly luncheon, Wednesday, 7.16.14.  Rich Handley, D.B.A., president and founder of Austin-based EQ University, will helps us understand how to harness the power of EQ to improve productivity and leadership skills through the four key elements of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.  Here is a preview of what you can expect from the program.

1) You are the president of EQ University. Can you tell our members what your organization does and how it got started?

EQ University offers emotional intelligence assessment, coaching, consulting and training, and is one of the oldest, most experienced providers of these services having assessed more than 30,000 individuals since inception.  EQ University was started in the late 1990’s primarily to offer the online emotional intelligence assessment and coaching, and was the first site to offer online emotional intelligence assessment using the EQ-i®.

2) How do you define emotional intelligence? 

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the “X” factor for success. EI is an array of non-cognitive emotional, personal, and social skills and abilities that impact one’s ability to deal with environmental demands and stressors.

3) Why is emotional intelligence important?

Emotional Intelligence is tactical in nature and predicts how one applies knowledge to the situation at hand to improvise, adapt and overcome in life.  Research has shown that it is up to 5 times more powerful in predicting occupational success than IQ alone.

4) What is one thing you hope people attending the luncheon will walk away with?

Emotional Intelligence can be measured and can be substantially strengthened and developed. Emotional Intelligence is elastic. Those who lack it can acquire it; those who have it can enhance it. This session will provide an overview of Emotional Intelligence, and how it can be used to enhance individual and organizational performance and unlock human potential.

For more details and complete registration and event information, please visit the WCA website.