VolunteerYou joined the organization, you are attending the events, and now
it’s time– GET INVOLVED!

Few people realize the countless ways you can volunteer and contribute to the success of this growing organization. For an every-expanding list of opportunities, make sure to visit the WCA website.

And if you need a push and a reason to fill out that volunteer form, here are the top five reasons you should volunteer with the
Women Communicators of Austin.

1. Expand your professional network. Seems like an obvious reason, but there is more to it. Think about how in the next brainstorming session at work or with a client how great it would be to be able to recommend and connect with resources like writers, designers, photographers and  more. You can have an entire communication team at your fingertips!

2. Smart women help  smart women. Once you have made that professional connection, you will make that personal one. And when you need something “off topic” like a CPA or a trustworthy mover — you have a group you can trust to lead you in the right direction.

3. Learn a new skill. Have you ever wanted to learn how to plan an event, or brush up on social media or PR skills — VOLUNTEER, you get free on-the-job training that can make you the star in your office, build your portfolio and boost your resume.

4. Access to Austin Professional Leaders. The more involved you are with programs like Leader Lunch, Get Smart and the Monthly Luncheon series, the more opportunities you have to the  interact and learn from the movers and shakers in our industry.

5. It’s Fun! Most (and best) of all, the volunteers and the women that make up this organization are fun! We enjoy laughing and sharing and supporting each other — and we always have a good time! Contact us soon and get involved –help  shape the future of our organization!