WCA: What is your role at LDRK MEDIA and how did you get started there?
Adam: I’m the President & Founder of LDRK MEDIA. I started it in 2010, while I was still serving as the Director of Marketing at Advanced Veterinary Technologies. I had a background in film editing, I saw that the market was growing and I thought we could do better than a lot of the companies that were out there providing services.

WCA: What is online video marketing and why should businesses care?

Adam: Online video marketing is using video content to increase online exposure, brand identity and conversions for your web presences. Businesses should care a lot because online video is the fastest-growing segment of online traffic and is the most engaging form of content, easily surpassing text and pictures.

WCA: What takeaways will attendees gain?

Adam: Attendees will get an introduction to the scope of the opportunity online video content presents and receive guidance on effective DIY practices, as well as things to consider when working with a production company.

WCA: What is your favorite thing to do in Austin?

Adam: Blues on the Green in the summer.