Google loves video!

Adam LevyIn October, we were joined by Adam Levy of LDRK Media. He talked about how big the audience and opportunity is online today for video, while also giving practical hands-on tips for producing our own video. We gained some valuable tips when it comes to working with a production company, heard insider tips and tricks when it comes to a DIY-video marketing budget, and explored how you can use video to your Google ranking advantage.


Adam Levy is the President of LDRK MEDIA, an online video marketing firm. LDRK MEDIA helps businesses build their online brands and better engage their audiences with custom video content and online distribution. Adam is also the former Director of Marketing at Advanced Veterinary Technologies and studied film editing under Affonso Goncalves.


The meeting was held at:

Ronald McDonald House
1315 Barbara Jordan Boulevard
Austin, TX  78723

Ginny Murphy