By Susan Lahey

I remember my first Women Communicators of Austin encounter. It was a Career Over Cocktails event at a bar downtown in 2011. I walked in a little bit steeled in case this was the kind of group that checked out your shoes while you were sitting down. It wasn’t. These women obviously had bonds…about dogs, businesses, kids…but they were open to newcomers. They were very serious about their work, many of them were business owners. But otherwise, they were completely ready to laugh and make each other laugh. There were students, and women in their 50s, and not only was no one fighting for status, they seemed to be trying to outdo each other in supportiveness. I became a member shortly after that. Since then, many of my clients and projects have come from this fun group of women. At every event, I meet some wonderful new person, whether an old timer or a newbie. It’s an amazing group. Here’s what some other members have to say:

 Dara Quackenbush, president:  I love the relationships I’ve made through WCA. Some of my closest friends are women I’ve met through WCA.

Samantha Furry WCA is a little army of support. I’ve got a bounce in my step after every meeting but it’s not the coffee; it’s the members. It’s the members of WCA who drive, lift and assure me all at once.

Laura Shankland I love that all types of communicators are represented in WCA. I constantly have to take on new roles in my job, and I appreciate that there is such a range or expertise in one organization.

Susan Jahns I love that in every stage of my career and in my life, WCA has provided support, resources and incredible friendships.

Noelle Salerno I’m always learning something new from WCA, whether it’s from a luncheon program or just talking with the incredibly talented members!

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