This post is part of an ongoing monthly series called The Curious Creative, which focuses on creativity in the field of communication.

What do respectability, pottery and coupons have in common with the latest news in creativity? Check out the links below to learn more.

  • Marketers Rate Below Politicians, Bankers on Respectability Scale
    Since Halloween’s just around the corner, here’s an article that’s really scary: a recent survey commissioned by Adobe showed advertising and marketing ranking below almost every other profession in terms of job value. The lowest-ranked profession? Public relations. Looks like we have to focus on more creative ways to build trust with consumers, and fast.
  • Jonathan Adler: Keep Other People’s Opinions Out of Your Creative Process
    From his interesting point-of-view, irreverent designer Jonathan Adler explains the importance of following your heart, taking a leap and figuring it out later, and balancing who you are creatively with the responsibilities that come with succeeding at doing what you love. {Disclaimer: Adler’s fond of the f-word, so you’ll want to watch this one outside of the office.}

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