At this month’s AWC luncheon, Ann Ciccolella shared several of her favorite methods for recharging creativity based on Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. If you’re tapping into your creative reserves, here are some tips to help refill the well.

1. Writing on rising
Shortly after waking, take 20 minutes to put pen to paper. It will help clear your mind, get to the root of your feelings and potentially uncover hidden connections to jumpstart your creativity. This exercise is ideally done on paper, but can be done on a computer or tablet. It’s about quantity and not quality – there’s no censoring or pressure for perfection here.

2. The artist’s date
You know that thing you’ve said you’ve always wanted to do? Now’s the perfect time to do it – by yourself. Pick an activity for the inner kid inside of you, something that will last for about two hours. Members shared several great me-time suggestions during the workshop, including:

  • Attending a concert at Jessen Auditorium
  • Taking the dog to the park
  • Walking along South Congress
  • Belting it out at an Alamo Drafthouse sing-a-long
  • Hitting the green at Peter Pan Mini Golf
  • Touring the city by bike
  • Seeing a play
  • Having a fantasy shopping trip – load up on dream items, then leave the cart/items behind (or suddenly receive an “urgent business call” and have to leave)
  • Checking out Toy Joy
  • Busting out some coloring books
  • Playing in the sandbox

3. Ten things that bring you joy
Take a moment to jot down 10 things that bring you joy. Focus on the five senses: what are your favorite tastes, aromas, sensations, etc.? Then pick your favorite that can occur routinely, and fill in the following sentence: “[thing that brings you joy] will make me feel _________________.” This exercise points out simple things you can do for inspiration and a pick-me-up.

A big thank-you to Ann for sharing these creative nuggets with AWC. Members, do you know of a great spot for an artist’s date? Or another tip for bringing creativity to life? Please share in the comments section.