ICarla Thompsonf fate placed you in an elevator with your dream client and you only had the time it takes to get from the top of the building to the bottom, would you be able to describe your business in a compelling way? The elevator pitch assumes you only have 60-90 seconds to either spark interest in what you do, or leave new prospects and connections feeling rather ho hum.

Carla Thompson, CEO and founder of Sharp Skirts, showed us how to create and unforgettable elevator pitch. She lead attendees through an interactive workshop that helped us develop one from scratch or make improvements on your current pitch so you’ll leave new prospects with a powerful first impression.

A veteran of the tech industry, Carla has counseled startups around the globe on creating, launching, and sustaining smart businesses. As CEO and founder of Sharp Skirts, Carla is creating a network for women entrepreneurs. The online and offline knowledge network focuses on helping women build smart businesses through an online community, webinars, events, forum discussions and mentoring connections. Her newest program, Tech for the Rest of Us, counsels individuals and companies on the basics of online tools and how to use them at minimum effort for maximum impact. She also continues to keep a finger on the pulse of emerging tech as an Affiliate Analyst for Guidewire Group. She currently serves on the advisory board of SXSW Interactive’s Accelerator program and GenAustin.


The meeting was held at:
Ronald McDonald House
1315 Barbara Jordan Boulevard
Austin, TX  78723


Ginny Murphy