Anthony ChoueifatiAre you or a client contemplating a trademark or copyright for a product? Unsure if you have permission to use a “creative commons” image on Flickr? Or are you considering becoming an LLC?

Austin business attorney Anthony Choueifati of The Choueifati Law Firm, PLLC answered these questions and more at our September 2010 Freelance Austin meeting.

Anthony told us about:

  • The benefits of trademark/copyrighting
  • Specific trademark/copyright concerns pertinent to the graphics industry
  • And trends in trademark/copyright law.

He also gave an overview of the various legal entities for entrepreneurs, such as LLC, corporation and sole proprietorship.

Anthony was born in Houston, attended the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston. Anthony comes from an entrepreneurial background; both of his parents are entrepreneurs, and Anthony was a young entrepreneur, starting and operating two of businesses during high school. Not wanting to stay away from Austin too long, Anthony moved back to Austin upon graduation from law school. Recognizing that Austin was primarily an entrepreneurial town, Anthony in 2005 started The Choueifati Law Firm, PLLC, with the intent of providing quality business legal services and legal representation to small and midsize businesses at an affordable price. When not working, Anthony likes to sail, network within the business community, and teach as an associate professor of business law at National American University.


The meeting was held at:

Ronald McDonald House
1315 Barbara Jordan Boulevard
Austin, TX  78723


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