Dave Jobe, CEO of Karmadillo, an Austin based digital communications company, will talk about how you can build your business through “thought leadership.”

As an example, he told the story of the founding of Yakabod, and the key role that writing and marketing played in the early years of the company’s journey. He will talk about how Yakabod became a recognized thought leader and market leader in secure knowledge sharing systems for the U.S. intelligence agency community. Dave believes most companies need this ability for out of the box writing and marketing, but don’t have it in-house. They need professional writers like you to bring that to them.

KarmadilloDave shared his simple methodology to grow complex businesses. Typically, these businesses are dependent to a fault on word-of-mouth for growth. This methodology focuses on building businesses through the power of sharing ideas – a sort of entrepreneurial karma – because in business and in life, what comes around goes around. 

Prior to the event, Dave asked everyone who can to bring a great book – one that they had read or one that they wrote, one that they would be willing to recommend and pass on to someone else at the meeting. It was a great opportunity for attendees to share.

Dave is a born and raised Austinite and a graduate of The University of Texas. Dave and his family spent the last 20 years in Atlanta. Recently, he moved the company, Karmadillo, back home to Austin to be closer to his family and their ranching operations in Fredericksburg, TX. Dave has spent his career launching and building professional services companies.


The meeting was held at:
Mangia Pizza, 8012 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX  78731

Ginny Murphy