schunkTim Schunk opened the floor for financial questions as well as sharing from How the Rules of Money Work.

He answered the questions:

• Why do only approximately 5% of Americans achieve Financial Independence?

• What is your FIN? (Financial Independence Number)

• What can I do if my household saved $7 a day?

Tim is a Senior Associate with three financial entities: World Financial Group, World Group Securities, Inc. and Investment Advisors International. He also makes time to educated people about Health Insurance through his company Timely Insurance Matters.

Mr. Schunk prides himself on being someone that makes a difference through teaching easily understood financial concepts & ideas. He is a Navy veteran who has been active in the Austin Community since 1997. Tim lives in North Central Austin with his wife Brandi. Brandi was expecting their first child at he time of the meeting that they planned to be delivered via home water birth. (He said he was open to questions about this. Yep, he really did!)

The meeting was held at:
Austin Public Library – Spicewood Springs Branch
8637 Spicewood Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78759

Ginny Murphy