It’s about 130 words long. It is polite, respectful, and unassuming. Don’t be fooled by this, though. It is the most important email you will send if you are looking for clients or looking for work.

It is the Magic Email.

MasseyBrian Massey presented the Champion Strategy from his new book The Market for Me: Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network. The Magic Email starts off this powerful and easy-to-implement strategy, and Brian provided the complete text to attendees.

He will also disclosed:
1.       Where your hidden network is and how to find it
2.       How to significantly increase the number of interviews and client visits you get
3.       Why social networks are limited in their ability to find Champions
4.       How to find work at companies where there are no posted opportunities

Brian know what works, with 11 job searches and three self-funded businesses under his belt. He has built a recognized brand for his Web marketing practice as The Conversion Scientist™ and speaks nationally to marketers and business owners. He writes for ClickZ as an Expert in Behavioral Marketing, authors The Conversion Scientist blog, and has helped dozens of companies turn their Web sites into lead and sales generating engines.

His book, The Market for Me was developed in conjunction with, an Austin-based job search software company that is helping job seekers and freelancers find to their next paying gig using The Magic Email and other techniques.

Brian lives in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly intertwined.


Freelance Austin members can get a free copy of his book (“The Market for Me: Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network”) at

The meeting was held at:
Austin Public Library – Spicewood Springs Branch
8637 Spicewood Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78759

Ginny Murphy