Confused by all the talk about Social Media? Know a little about it but want to learn more? Need to be convinced why and how it can benefit you and your communications business?

Then you should have attended Freelance Austin’s March 11 meeting when Benn and Lani Rosales who explained it all!

Named Texas Social Media Award winners by the Austin American-Statesman, the Pflugerville couple has created a real estate social media empire with:

Agent Genius, an indispensable online real estate magazine for agents RErevealed, which raises interesting questions about Web 2.0 and New Media Lab, which immediately became a go-to source for social media.

Lani and Benn discussed the uses, as well as the cultures, of Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter, taking questions throughout.


The meeting was held at:

Austin Public Library – Spicewood Springs Branch
8637 Spicewood Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78759

Ginny Murphy