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About Comms Squad

Welcome to the WCA Comms Squad webinar series, where we provide education and advice to nonprofits and small communications organizations on how to tackle the most challenging aspects of building and implementing an effective communications plan. This new webinar series is designed to increase our engagement with nonprofit, mission-driven, and large service organizations by helping them use communications to serve their mission and create a more equitable world. Don’t let a limited budget and staff hold you back from achieving your communications goals. Take it one small step at a time, and let WCA Comms Squad help guide you to success.

Webinar Episodes

Our Vision

Comms Squad is a webinar series from Women Communicators of Austin that helps organizations use communications as a means to serve their mission to create a more equitable world. Produced by the WCA Philanthropy Committee, Comms Squad helps nonprofits and mission-driven organizations navigate professional communications challenges by discussing important, timely and relevant themes. In each webinar, members of WCA and their guests offer expertise and empathy, with real-world, practical solutions that deepen connections with their communities and audiences.
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