Ilene Haddad, owner of Ilene Haddad Graphic Design, has been a freelance designer for more than 25 years. After graduating with a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and a brief stint as a ski bum, Ilene eventually moved back to Austin to become a full-time graphic designer.

In 1998 she opened her own studio and hasn’t blinked or stepped outside since.

In addition to her work as a graphic designer, Ilene keeps busy as a cartoonist and writer. She also spent nine years hosting BlogathonATX, an event for the Central Texas blogging community, for which she was honored with WCA’s Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award and the Austin American Statesman Social Media Award.

Ilene is interested in helping people thrive in their business and personal lives. She may not always have a perfect work-life balance, but she knows what that looks like and can support someone striving for it.

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Best Mentee Fit:

Ilene is open to short-term, remote mentoring which could grow into a longer mentoring relationship. She would make a great accountability coach and knows a few things about surviving as a freelancer.

She’s also interested in helping others — specifically graphic designers — transition from an office environment to freelancing. Ilene can also help anyone whose job requires them to work with creatives like graphic designers to navigate those unique waters. She’s also happy to review designs and offer feedback.

She’s a great cheerleader without pompons, waiting to root you on!

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