This month, Freelance Austin was fortunate to have Stacey Aikman, Marketing Director from Vista 360 Health, impart her helpful knowledge about a topic most of us would prefer to avoid: healthcare.


Healthcare for freelancers recap

What’s changing in healthcare for 2018?

  • Shorter Enrollment Period (Previously 3 months, this year there was just 45 days.)
  • Open enrollment is November 1 through December 15
  • Find health plans through or ACA exchange qualified network
    • ACA qualified networks are health plans that meet minimal requirements so you don’t get a tax penalty
  • It might be harder to login to the website on Sundays, so try weekdays if possible.

Where to look

    • If you qualify for subsidies then is probably your best bet
  • Vista 360Health or Oscar may provide better, even more economic plans if you don’t qualify for subsidies
    • These companies offer qualified healthcare plans which won’t result in a tax penalty
    • These plans will not be available on
  • Kind Health
    • Provides info for both exchange and off-exchange health plans
    • It’ll even help determine if you qualify subsidies through ACA plans

What happens if you miss open enrollment

  • You may qualify for a special enrollment period if you: 
    • You got married
    • You moved
    • You got a new job or lost a job (you usually have 60 days to enroll in a new plan, normally on the first of the next month)
  • If you miss open enrollment, you can still get a healthcare plan, but: 
    • They may not be ACA Compliant, resulting in tax penalties
    • You may need to answer personal healthcare questions
    • There may be different requirements for a plan
    • You’ll likely pay higher fees
  • View special enrollment qualifications on

How much healthcare do you need?

  • Are you moderately healthy?
    • You could balance copays with premium costs
  • What is your out of pocket maximum?
    • Your maximum family exposure could potentially cost you $$$$ if someone gets ill

What’s the first step in selecting the right health plan for you?

  • Check to make sure your providers accept the insurance policy before signing up. It may be hard to find a doctor in your area.
  • Do your due diligence before enrolling. It may be more difficult or costlier to switch once later.
  • Check to see how much your prescriptions will cost on the new plan
    • If you take a lot of brand name drugs these could cost more
  • Review office visit and prescription costs. Many plans require you to meet a deductible before contributing.

How to calculate healthcare cost

  • Cost of the premium itself
  • Max out-of-pocket expenses
  • What’s the cost of copays and how often do you expect to visit your primary physician or specialists?
  • What are you spending for prescriptions?

Things to consider for your healthcare

  • Does your premium cover the services you use?
  • What hospitals are in your network?
  • $12k Minimum – $48k Maximum  to qualify for subsidies through
    • Subsidies would be $24k-$96k for a 2-person, husband and wife household
    • If you’re filing jointly, your healthcare income is based on the household income level.
  • If you don’t qualify for subsidies, you very well could pay more if you signup for a policy through

Lastly, it’s cheaper to move to Canada. But it’s cold.

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