Ask a Mentor: How Do I Add Value to My Resume?


Compiled and edited by Julie Tereshchuk

Ask a MentorDear Mentors,

I am a writer and feel I should get more training in areas like Google analytics and SEO. Maybe I should learn some coding?  I have found lots of resources online, but I really do not know where to start. What would add value to my resume?

Yours, Seeking Value



Dear Seeking Value,

Congratulations on exploring ways to expand and advance your career! Your questions make me wonder if you have skipped a step, though.

What are your goals for new training? Do you have your eye on a promotion? Are you a freelancer looking to cast a wider net? What kind of job do you envision post-training?

These are big questions and it can be difficult to sort through just what makes the most sense for you at this point in your career. Sorry if this sounds too promotional, but having a few coffee dates with a mentor might be a good step to take before investing your time and money in training.

Talking through your goals and strategies with someone who has “been there and done that” could reveal new options or help fine-tune your game plan. Check us out! And good luck!


Sandra Kleinsasser


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