Here’s a taste of who we are and why we joined the committee. Please share your questions or comments to any of us by email or in person. We’re here for you!

Lynne Rhea

Freelance Austin Chair/VP of Freelance Programming

Lynne’s goal is to help all our boats rise together. She’s focused on providing meaningful programming and converting attendees to members. A solopreneur (the term she prefers instead of freelancer) in graphic design, marketing and advertising, Lynne has been with WCA for most of the past 10 years and a member of Freelance Austin for about six years. Lynne tells client stories through meaningful messaging, strategy and iconic graphics.


Online: MomBo Creative

Mindy Morgan

Communications Chair

Mindy has helped with web design and planning for the annual Get Smart conference since 2015. In her first role for Freelance Austin, she hopes to learn how to manage people and tasks better, build a network of freelance professionals and have places to convene conversations around our work and industry. Mindy is a storyteller who does graphic design, visual communications, and video and photo editing.


Online: Mindy Morgan Creative


Kristen Hicks

Communications Team (Blog Editor)

When asked why she joined the Freelance Austin board, Kristen said, “I saw an opportunity to help out an organization that’s made a big difference to my business.” That business focuses on writing for other companies that can’t, won’t or especially shouldn’t be doing it themselves. Kristen does copywriting, blogging and content marketing.




Cindy Dashnaw

Communications Team (Blogger)

Cindy brought a number of clients with her from her hometown, Indianapolis, but she’d really enjoy having more in Texas! She joined Freelance Austin hoping to make work and friend connections, and volunteered for the board right away to learn all she can about the organization and the people who make it work. Cindy tells stories that support brand personas and strategic goals.


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Cristina Parker

Communications Team (Social)

Cristina wants to trade her current, full-time-working life for that of a full-time freelancer. So get your brains ready for picking! She’s eager to learn from successful freelancers how they do it, and she wants to meet other career-minded women in Austin. Cristina is an editor and writer.


Online: Cristina Parker (LinkedIn)

Lisa Roe

Logistics Chair

Lisa started freelancing after she took a mom break, she said, and joined Freelance Austin to make contacts and talk to people who know how to make freelancing work. In her second year of chairing logistics, she likes to learn and always does so at monthly meetings. Lisa does writing, editing, social media management and digital marketing.


Online: Lisa Roe (LinkedIn)


Tracy Sullivan

Membership Chair

Tracy Sullivan is back this year as our membership chair. She gained her extensive membership management experience at the local and international levels with the American Marketing Association. She volunteered again because, as you might guess, the membership chair gets to meet everyone, and she’s looking forward to the new venue and broader scope of speakers. Tracy is a graphic designer and marketing consultant.


Online: Project by Project


Leah Fisher Nyfeler

Programs Chair

If you enjoy an organization, you should give back – that’s Leah’s philosophy. She loves meeting new people out in the community and has found arranging programming an excellent way to do it – and keep her creative juices flowing. Leah is a blogger, an editor and a communications director.


Online: Enjoying the Journey: Observations on the Fit Life


Janel Simms

Project Chair

Though Janel joined Freelance Austin to get to know other professionals – as most of us do – she jumped in with both feet, volunteering to join the board just a couple of months after becoming a member. She decided active involvement would create a better connection with her fellow members. In Austin for two years, Janel does graphic and web design/WordPress development.



Patra Cardinal

Website Chair

Patra credits WCA member Dana Marruffo with inspiring her involvement in Freelance Austin, saying, “If Dana is part of the organization, I know it to be a really smart decision for me.” She answered the call for volunteers as soon as she joined, wanting to connect with creative minds that not only inspire her, but push her to new levels. Patra founded Austin SEO Geeks, concentrating on search engine optimization and strategic internet promotional efforts.


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