Written by Hanna De Hoyos.

Natalie GonzalezNatalie Gonzales
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2016
English major with minor in Mexican-American studies, and a creative writing certificate

Natalie Gonzalez is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, Natalie grew up in a city that borders with Mexico. The city’s culture — mostly surrounded by Mexican-American heritage—has influenced her life, personality, and path for the future.

She is an English major, with a minor in Mexican-American studies, working toward a creative writing certificate. Since her first semester at UT, she has been heavily involved with two organizations: the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) student chapter and Texas Student Television (TSTV). With the HSF, she serves as an executive board member and as the social media coordinator. In her roles, she is responsible for maintaining the organization’s online presence and help plan events. “From the beginning, my values lined up well with HSF as they are a small group that focuses on outreach to Hispanic students on campus, and in the Austin area, with the ultimate goal to empower Latinos,” says Natalie. At TSTV, she is the programming director. In her position, she is behind-the-scenes planning on-air schedules, overseeing live broadcasts, and coordinating production with show producers.

When she is not busy with her studies and school activities, Natalie is working at Jenn’s Copies and Binding, a locally owned business that provides printing services to UT students and departments.

Natalie’s expected graduation date is May 2016. After graduation, she is considering pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing or furthering her studies in Mexican-American and Latino studies through a graduate degree program. Regardless of the path she takes, writing will always be a part of her future.

She is an active member of WCA and participates in both the blogging and newsletter committees. Her favorite part about blogging is contributing to an organization she is truly passionate about and the opportunity to highlight the amazing guest speakers that present at WCA events.