Freelancers can promote themselves as experts in their fields by speaking, presenting, and training, although oftentimes speakers tend to be reluctant to let go of PowerPoint and rely on themselves and their audience to keep a group engaged.

The key is to give the audience a voice and let them contribute content in real-time for a more powerful group-centered presentation than the speaker alone could ever hope to do on their own. Join Freelance Austin on July 11th and host Leslie Hancock, a Swiss Army Knife of communication.

She writes, speaks, listens, researches, instructs, persuades, and connects. Over her 20-year career as an independent communications consultant and educator, she has joyfully ridden the wave of technology into the modern information age. She recognizes that, though words are everywhere, effective messaging is rare. She helps companies hone messages, enhance their social media engagement efforts and take full advantage of all the communications channels available today.

During, “PowerPointless: Interactive Presentation Strategies to Engage Any Audience” Leslie will Introduce a variety of tools and strategies that make an audience a part of the presentation, present scenario-based ideas that break away from the boredom of the same old PowerPoint presentations that chain audiences’ eyes and attention to the screen and demonstrate a hands-on practicum how to implement a variety of visual and action-based audience engagement techniques

Register today for the Freelance Austin July 11th meeting and don’t forget all are welcome! We invite AWC Austin members to attend, as well as freelancers new to the scene. All meetings take place at the Ronald McDonald House (1315 Barbara Jordan Boulevard) from 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM and there are plenty of eateries close by to grab lunch.

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